About IceNation

Hi Everyone, I am Baile. If you haven’t seen this blog to be updated for more than 30 days, I probably have left this world. And this is exactly the purpose of this blog, to leave the thoughts behind so that my family and friends can continue to ask me questions and find out what I think, even after my physical self have totally been decomposed..

I made my first million dollars before 30. At age 35, I earned my financial independence, that is, my recurring passive income can pay off my living expenses for life. By the time I reached 40, I have built up an army of cash flow producing sources and scaled up my passive income 5X. This financial backing brings me the complete financial freedom, which enables me to be an active world traveler and angel investor.

Most important of all, I am able to do the stuff I love, such as blogging on icenation.com to preach about the path to live a happy and wealthy lifestyle.

I know, being a decamillionaire is really nothing to boast about. But as someone who came from a lower middle class family with a slightly below average IQ, I started off from ground sub-zero, no inborn talent, no connection, no rich parents or inheritance.

With sheer determination, hard work and the mindset of fail fast learn fast, I am a living example of the American Dream, except I achieve my dream 3X faster with 30X more wealth than those of an average American.

But hey, what's the big deal? If my net worth goes up by another 10X in the next 10 years, would I be any more happier than this very moment? Probably not. So, what is my life really about?

Life is about being happy and mentally, physically and financially wealthy enough to bring happiness to the people I touched in my lifetime. IceNation.com is my best attempt to do just that.

If we have never met and you happened to be reading this blog, I hope you find my thoughts inspiring. IceNation is a living document about my journey of seeking happiness and being happy, and in the process, how I acquire enough wealth to fulfill my dream and help out my family, friends and people around me to accomplish the same goal.

This blog is not for everyone though. People who are looking for an easy escape from reality, get-rich-quick scheme or instant gratification type of self-help materials, they may end up to be very disappointed. For those who are uptight or stereotypical, they may also find the thoughts being shared here to be offensive and even dangerous. So, please save the time and keep googling. Good luck in the path to happiness and wealth :)

Nevertheless, if you believe in hard-work and are open-minded, I have the front row seat reserved for you. In icenation.com, there is no step-by-step guide to show people to do this and that and then become happy and wealthy. On the other hand, the website is full of hidden goodies and gems, embedded across different topics and landscapes which require asking good questions to uncover all the pieces. At the end of the day, we need to work hard and exercise our brain to put all the puzzles together. Everyone of us have our very own roadmap to happiness and wealth, and icenation.com is here to serve as an exploration vehicle in this self-realization and discovery process.

Welcome aboard and let the journey begin...


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