What is Your Biggest Asset?

Cash in the bank? Your stock portfolio? Real estate? Business venture? Intellectual properties such as patent?

Or something less concrete, like social network and reputation?

How about beauty and youth?

Before you answer this question, it is time to step back and revisit how you value happiness.

Look at the life cycle of a rose. It starts off as a tiny little seed. As it grows, the bud appears to bloom out the flower, which produces pollen for reproduction. It glows throughout spring and summer and dies in the fall and winter, and comes back in the following spring.

Our life follows a similar pattern. We have ups and downs in our professional and personal life. So instead of looking for eternal happiness, we should turn our focus on managing the change and staying the course.

Embrace happiness to be our never-ending goal in life, and keep it as a moving target.

As long as we stay committed to living a happy life, and keep moving toward during the bad times, when the cycle takes its upswing, the net net is that we will be one step closer to our goal.

Enough ground work, let’s be back to the topic of our biggest assets. I would like to take the liberty and briefly share a story of my own.

I achieved early success in my career as a founder of a profitable business.

Back then I took everything for granted and didn’t bother to learn how to appreciate whatever comes along in my life. Ego got the better of me and after series of over expansion, the company went through a big round of funding to stay afloat, and in the process I became a minority stakeholder.

What comes afterwards is that the “respect” I used to “enjoy” vaporized as soon as the management changed hands. The used-to-be “loyal” employees I hired turned out to be my worse nightmare in the game of office politics.

Back then, still young and immature, I took a lot of those office dynamics personally and became extremely unhappy. I left the company sooner after.

Since then, I took a long break from the 9 to 6 daily routine and began to think deep about what exactly I want in life.

I began to figure out the up and down cycles do share something in common. That is, the core truth of change and how it relates to my happiness.

Put it simply, it is okay to step back and let other people to take over, the key is to know when to let go and move on to put our creative juices into something new and let our happiness continue to flourish.

It’s this very concept that breaks myself free from the rat race and eventually find my path to financial independence.

By not letting other people to take control of my life, I find hope, and hope builds supreme confidence which generates surge of positive energy for productive work, and thus results in rock solid value creation.

It all roots back from mastering the arts of when to let go and regain control, and this is my biggest asset that no one in the world can ever take it away from me.


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