Secret of a Lasting Relationship

When we talk about building lasting relationship, we naturally think of personal relationship, like the husband and wife type. But we are going to try something different here.

Let’s look at what we can learn from the business world and apply it to our personal life. The result can be startling as we will find out how much a successful business relationship has in common with our personal one.

For those who have founded or worked for a successful business, they probably realize the importance of building a lasting relationship with not just the customers, but the employees and the business partners (such as vendors or 3rd party service providers).

The magic here is learning how to share the benefits in perfect balance. Let’s look at these three groups one at a time.

For customers, they gotta be satisfied with the product/service being provided. Simply put, the perceived value should be met or exceeded. If we can continuously achieve that, repeated business, and thus a lasting relationship, is almost a guarantee.

As for employees, aligning their overall compensation with the company’s profitability is the key. At the end of the day, most of the employees who stick around for both good and bad time are because of job satisfaction and a strong sense of team affiliation. Thus, facilitating a cooperative work environment is equally important to keep the team around.

Just like employees, business partners should be treated as the “extended family”. They are crucial in the overall supply chain and can possibly be the life line when cash flow is tight. Thus, a successful business will always make sure the partners are paid fairly and should not be taken advantage of simply because of our business has the upper hand in the market share or production volume.

Overall, the best customers, employees and partners are the direct result of a lasting relationship. And the secret is knowing how to share the success in form of benefit.

Making money is cool, but by not profit-optimizing to the last penny and leaving enough to share around is a lot cooler!

Okay, enough said, how does it correlate to our personal relationship?

Interesting enough, if we start to connect the dots, we will be surprised to find out the synergy. In our personal life, we have our spouse, family and friends. Unless we are all cold-blooded animals, we would love to share our happiness and sadness with any or all of these three parties!

From time to time, we need their support in one form or the other to get through the challenge in life. Personal bonding comes with time. The deeper the bonding, the richer the sharing we will experience, which in turn creates a stronger drive to propel us toward our goal of becoming happy and wealthy.

So being able to spend quality time with our spouse, family and friends is the best investment we can ever make. The memory we created with the people matter to us is not something money can buy, and this is the core of a healthy, happy and lasting relationship.


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