The Amazing Trait About You - Part II

Okay, this is chapter two of “The Amazing Trait About You”. If you found yourself a mediocre and wonder what to do about it, or if you are just curious to learn more about how mediocre can climb up the social ladder to enjoy a wealthy and happy life, read on!

Being able to find out if we are mediocre and coming up with the courage to admit to this very fact is critical to positively change our entire life. I have seen a lot of cases where people mistaken themselves as all-rounders or professionals, but indeed they are mediocre. They falsely and blindly taken the “can-do” and “positive thinking” attitude as their excuse and forced themselves to compete with the real professionals and all-rounders in the marketplace.

The result?

An ugly, bloody chunk of frustration, making them at lost and discouraged. They started to question about their self worth and become extremely unhappy.

Don’t be one of them!

As soon as we came to the self-realization of being a mediocre, we need to adjust our expectation and come up with a game plan to adapt and excel. The first step is to build up our baseline of defense. That is, get a stable job from established and reputable organizations with low churn rate.

The reasoning is that by setting up a stable income stream in a relatively less competitive environment, we buy time to leverage the company’s resources to prepare ourselves for launching our business later on.

Meanwhile, construct our saving and borrowing records, which will enable us to leverage the stability of our job and borrow our way to richness.

However, while we are with the big company, never fall into the trap of feeling secure from work as that is usually the sign of going backward.

As part of the self-realization and expectation re-adjustment, we should stay away from living large. Our world is full of temptation. Media all around us is trying to get us to cash advance into our future and hand over our hard earned money as tribute to the top brands that enterprises invested hundreds of millions in social marketing to promote.

Any premature consumption of our earnings will only drag us further away from being financially independent.

Remember this, the money we spent on those expensive items generate no income for us in the months to come. What we got are piles of obsoleted junk in our closet or garage.

The more we fall into the spell of those marketing propaganda, the more we chain ourselves to work for the money instead of having money to work for us. So, let’s break the spell and set ourselves free from the game of marketing slavery.

With the new borned freedom and control over our spending, we can efficiently save up as much as we can. Initially, after paying for all our basic living expenses, our savings may be insignificant, but they add up with time and we just need to be patient.

Once our savings reach a certain level, invest the money into assets that will generate positive cash flow for us.

As soon as the compound effect of our assets takes shape, it’s not too late to live up the lifestyle of our dream. By that time, we no longer need to work for money. We truly have the freedom to enjoy the 100% pure wholesomeness of our beautiful life.


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