Have You Paid Your Dues Today?

There is a scene in one of the old episodes of Nikita, starring Maggie Q in a very attractive outfit, walking into a high-end lounge in a classy hotel and enticing a foreign politician into an intimate conversation.

In no time, Nikita pickpocketed the man for his security card and passed it over to her partner sitting nearby to make a copy. Just when the politician got all excited and wanted to take the next step, Nikita smoothly placed the stolen card back to his pocket and created an abrupt but natural exit for herself, mission accomplished.

From the audience’s viewpoint, this 60 second scene certainly brings a good dose of excitement and satisfaction to our senses. But if we immerse ourselves into the story and play the role of Nikita or her partner, to accomplish the mission, it probably takes days if not weeks of research and planning, not to mention years of specialized training to handle any unexpected events that may arise.

Though a bit dramatic, the core concept behind has a close link to our own financial success and happiness, which does not come for free and we have to pay our dues to earn it.

People may think that someone’s success is due to a spark of luck, which results in life changing events. That is exactly what the super lotto commercial or the whole gambling industry would love to have us to believe in.

Although sheer luck would definitely help, to achieve consistent financial success and happiness requires a fully committed mindset and a highly disciplined process.

Luck, in most cases, is really made up of years, if not decades of preparation based upon the goal we set up. Once we commit to our goal, we need to break it down into a chain of milestones. Each milestone can be a mission of its own, in our Nikita example, making a copy of the security card is one of the many milestones as Nikita tried to complete her goal of taking down Division, the devious organization she worked for.

With all the milestones being laid out, we then further divide each milestone into a sequence of actions that will enable us to accomplish the mission.

In our example, figuring out when and where the target (the politician) will arrive, planning out the logistics to approach the target, studying the background of the target and crafting out the icebreaker to get his interest, all the way to coming up with an unsuspicious exit for the encounter, every step counts.

By being disciplined, we stick to our plan and execute on it, one action at a time, one milestone at a time, until we reach our goal. That’s our roadmap to success.

By understanding where we are on our roadmap, we start to appreciate all the resources around us and begin to look at life differently, everything from the air we breathe down to every drip of water we drink.

Every single detail means something to us relative to our goal. Just like the 60 second scene from Nikita, we are leading a well-executed sequence of actions as we play the key role in the movie of our life.


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