Unconventional Wisdom from a Six Year Old

Yesterday I received a call from my wife. She got stuck in traffic and asked if I could pick the kid up ASAP as the school was closing.

“Rest assured Honey, I’ll teleport her safely back home!”, I hung up the phone while dashing out of my home office.

Usually after the school is over, all the kids are randomly scattered around like people in a flea market while waiting for their guardians to pick them up. When I got to the classroom, however, I saw quite a big group of kids gravitating around the whiteboard.

I thought: “Hmm, there must be something interesting enough to draw all those kids’ attention…”

As I navigated myself through the crowd, to my surprise, I saw my daughter standing at the center of the pool, performing a magic trick. To be precise, she was actually showing other kids how to do the trick.

Psyched, I waited for her to finish the wonderful presentation, grabbed her school bag and walked her to the car.

Me: “Little lady, your magic show was amazing! That’s the same trick you showed me last night in the kitchen, right?”

My daughter: “Yup, I improvised it a bit and showed it to a few of my friends during lunch, and after school, they invited their friends over to watch my show. We had quite a party!”

Me: “Yeah, I saw that! But now everybody knows your trick, next time around, your show will get them bored, wouldn’t it be a problem?”

My Daughter: “Of course not! Next time around, I will come up with an even more amazing trick! And more kids will come and learn more about it!”

At that very moment, I was overjoyed with gratefulness. I see an entrepreneur in the making! And she is my daughter!

I still remember back in the days of working for someone else in the corporate world. Most of my colleagues had their own hidden agenda. In order to climb the corporate ladder, they seldom shared information that would be beneficial to their peers’ success.

Most of the time, office politicians intentionally conceal critical information that is essential for other colleague to get their job done. Simply put, their objective is to eliminate office competition so that they can position themselves as the one to claim all the credit and step onto other people’s back to advance within the corporate sandbox.

There is nothing right or wrong here, just the day-to-day reality of the corporate life. But as an entrepreneur who takes pride in solid value creation, I see this type of corporate cultural dynamic as a big waste of time. That’s why as soon as I worked out my plan of financial independence, I got the hell out of my life in no time.

Okay, back to my daughter’s magic show.

You may asked: “Hey, professional magician will never reveal the secret of their tricks. Your daughter is spilling the beans! Once people learn her tricks, no one will come back to watch her show again!”

Well, this may be true from the conventional sense, but from the eyes of a creative entrepreneur, my daughter’s approach has a much more profound meaning.

The thing I found truly amazing is that by sharing her trick with her little fellows, she is not only putting up a great show for her peers to enjoy (delivering value), but shaping out the magic community in her school (sizing up the market opportunity) while building up her goodwill (building trust) for the upcoming magic events (creating future business). As long as the trick is original, that is, she is the one who invented the trick (investing in R&D), she has the rights to share it in the way that works best for her audience (marketing creatively).

Think about it, if her trick is awesome and her audiences are being taught to replicate her trick, those kids instantly become her magic show’s spokesmen. It is indeed the most convincing PR machine any business can ever dream of.

Instead of not seeing people coming back to the show, those kids actually bring more of their friends along and return for more of her new tricks being revealed!

Remember the old saying: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” ?

My daughter is practically putting this same dynamic in action. By sharing and teaching with love and passion, we are nurturing a business relationship that will last for a lifetime.


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