Are You Dying to Work Every Morning?

For those of us who have worked for a few different employers before, we probably realize each of the company has its own culture. Particularly for mid to large size company, there is usually a very strict set of processes for the employees to follow in order to get things done.

If you still remember the movie Matrix, this set of rules is very much like a giant machine (farms of body capsule) that is used to harvest productivity out of the employees. As an individual working within this system, he/she is being told to do exactly what is being instructed. As long as the employee is not making any mistakes and taking an active part in the office politics, there is no immediate danger of being fired.

Throughout the years, many of the big organizations we know of are operating in this mode. If we listen to the employees who work for those organizations, most of them hate their workplace. The degree of dislike can go as far as viewing office as a living hell and the work as a torture.

No one really forces them to show up in the workplace, right? Why they are still there?

Thanks to the modern day slavery in our polarized capitalistic economy, to survive (pay for rent/mortgage/food/transportation/cell phone/cable and thousands of other things), most of the working class have not much options but to surrender their time via employment.

Now, imagine if you have an opportunity to change the culture of your company, what would you do differently?

What if there is such a place where people are dying to come to work every morning?

Can we create a workplace where employees are so addicted to their work that they are willing to sacrifice their weekend to bring their assignment to perfection?

I am not talking about burning the midnight oil under the gun of performance review or peer pressure/competition, lest that their jobs will be eliminated. The point here is for employees to put in 100% of what they have for the absolute job satisfaction and the ultimate success of the company.

If we do some research and look at the “new kids on the block” who successfully beat the incumbent giants at their own game (Yahoo vs Google, established brick & mortar vs Amazon, etc), it’s not difficult to discover the pattern here.

Simply put, the new kids know how to tap into their employees’ full potential. That is, instead of telling the employees what to do, they create an environment where their employees can efficiently get their work done with 100% job satisfaction.

By giving them the freedom to experiment, innovate and go beyond their job expectation, human creativity can be fully unleashed and put into work.

This is the kind of workplace where employees would most likely be dying to show up every single morning and can’t wait to contribute their part to the overall success of the company.


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