Mozart's Revelation to Entrepreneur

The other day I found myself quietly relaxing in my entertainment room, laying on a chaise lounge chair with mozart requiem in d minor k 626 playing right besides me, looking out at the backyard while spruces were naively making out with sunshine.

I usually have a pretty good sense of classical music, but this particular piece always gives me a lot of rooms for wonders and re-imaginations.


As far as history can tell, this piece is written on the verge of Mozart's death on Dec 5, 1791, as a requiem for his own funeral. Although uncompleted, it is generally believed that Franz Xaver Süssmayr stepped in to complete his work.

The thing I am always enchanted by this masterpiece is that in order to complete the work, the successor, in this case, Franz, has to re-live every moment of Mozart. Only by going through all his prior works numerous times in sequence can someone truly master the fate of this stunning unfinished work of humankind.

I have listened to all 14 movements so many times that I can’t even recall. Though every time I taste something slightly different, the overall experience is still intimately sensational.

My personal favorite is in Sequentia: Dies irae and Lacrimosa, it completely unleashes the purest emotional state of Mozart in regard to the desperate call of the dead souls.

I feel dripping tears coming out from my heart every time I immerse myself into the eighth movement. As I re-live his soul deep inside me, I asked myself the same question again and again:

How can such an amazing artist / entrepreneur died in such a poverty?

Yes, Mozart performed for the royal courts as a child throughout Paris, Munich, Frankfurt, Vienna, Milan and London. In his early twenties, Mozart was already hired to be the concert master for the Bishop of Salzburg. But with an ambitious heart of an entrepreneur, Mozart quitted the work slavery and started his own business as freelance composer and performer in Vienna.

Though income were coming in at a phenomenal rate, so did Mozart’s lavish expenses and extravagant lifestyle. Very soon, the money he brought in can no longer catch up with the money he squandered via gambling.

By the end of his life, his choices brought him in huge debt to many of his friends who entrusted him dearly.

Mozart’s lack of financial discipline brought him a miserable ending. But if we think deeper, it is his way of living in the moment that empowered him to create the masterpieces we known today, the legacy that not only took the human arts by storm, but also captured the essence of entrepreneurship. Mozart’s works pass through the test of time, they are an eternal gift for the generations to come indeed.

As a finishing note to this writing, I would like to take the liberty to interpret Lacrimosa as I re-live Mozart’s 35 years of life:

At 0:11, awake the dead souls to be self aware.

At 0:33, come up with the determination and amass the effort to break free from work slavery.

At 0:57, to live up to your dream with no turning back.

At 2:07, hold yourself tight under adversity.

At 2:52, show hand now, give whatever we have to the world, and have no regret.


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