The Goldmine Next to Failure

At one point in my career, I got laid off by an employer who I dedicated 4 years of my life into and shedded blood and sweat for. The morning I got the notice and got escorted out of the office, I was depressed with a sense of betrayal for my loyalty.

Though that’s one of the expected outcomes as the culture of that company was undergoing quite a big change since the acquisition, I never thought it would happen to me given the contribution and track record I had, at least not that soon.

The cold hard reason of letting me go? My salary range was on the top tier of the company’s scale and they decided to re-organize the team and hire three junior guys who were making one third of my salary to replace me.

On the way of driving home from the office, I felt completely soulless and chilled to the bone, even it was in the early summer. Deep inside, I felt an urge to start looking for a job right away to fill the gap created by this lay-off event. So I sent out a few email to my best friends, and got onto internet and put together a plan for my job hunt. A few hours later, one of my friends who is running a startup incubation workshop called me back and asked to get together next week for coffee.

Fast-forward to the coffee-meetup, it didn’t land me a job. But the takeaway is a wake-up call to step back and take a detailed look at what had happened and what it means for my future before making the next move. That is, instead of instantly climb up and jump right back to the rat race, it’s the perfect timing to step outside of the race track and conduct a thorough autopsy of my failure.

The crux of the matter is to review my life up to this very moment in time and space.

Am I getting closer or further away from being happy?

What have I learnt out of this event?

How can I prevent it from happening to me again?

By asking myself higher level questions, I begin to realize the hidden treasures laying around where I fell down. When I climb back up, I am equipped with the new found knowledge to march toward the road of happiness.

To finish up this portion of the story, I ended up discovering a new way to play this game of rat racing, which within a few short years, enabled me to get out of the race track all together and achieve financial independence.

You may ask, what did I discover?

Always remember, everyone has his/her roadmap to become happy and wealthy. So telling you my way of getting there won’t do you any good, though I would be more than happy to share.

Subscribe to the new thoughts alert and keep digging around IceNation. Answers are within your reach, you just need to work hard to find them, chew them, digest them and put the pieces together to discover your very own unique path to happiness.

Last but not least, next time you encounter failure, look around and ask yourself the higher level questions, there is always a goldmine next to every failure.


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