Are You a Farmer or Hunter?

In traditional sales management, there is a concept of hunter and farmer. The former is the go-go person, knocking the hard doors, cold calling the strangers and possibly hustling all day long to reel the deals in. The latter takes the lead or deal brought from the hunter and nourishes the business relationship for further cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

You may ask how does it relate to being happy and wealthy? In fact, if we twist this model a little bit, we will be able to derive from it the wisdom of building an ecosystem of everlasting wealth and happiness.

Let’s look at the hunter for a second and imagine being one ourselves.

We pick up our knife, bow, net or whatever hunting gears necessary and venture out into the wilderness or deep blue ocean. We study the terrain, scout the area, follow the track left by our targeted prey, and possibly set up trap for the prey to fall in.

Once we land our catch, we happily bring it home and share it with our family and friends. Next morning, we repeat the same routine.

The good thing about this lifestyle is we make enough to survive on a daily basis. However, we know that if we stop hunting one day or for whatever reason our prey disappeared, we’ll not have food to put on the table to feed our family.

Start to see the pattern?

Yes, it is very much the modern day 9 to 5 job slavery.

Now, put ourselves in the role of the farmer. To build the farm, firstly we need to accumulate enough capital to lay out the farming infrastructure. Once we have the basic framework in place, we can start to plant the seed and nourish the farm.

Produce won’t come overnight. It will take time for the seeds to grow and require daily cultivation before we can harvest our hard work for profit. Since profit won’t come in within a short period of time, we need to have certain staying power to be in business.

This is the core concept of passive income generation. It takes money and time to make more money. But the good thing about this model is once the framework is in place, we can pretty much control our own productivity and live happily ever after.

To build up a solid ecosystem of wealth, we need to play the role of both the hunter and the farmer. To start off, we put our hunter’s hat on, go out to work hard everyday to bring home the dough, consume part of it for daily expenses and save up part of it for our reserve so that we can eventually launch our farmer business.

The idea is to progressively adjust the proportion of our business activities from hunter to farmer until we have acres of farm lands to produce a variety of high return agricultural products where we can harvest throughout the year.

By the time the value of our monthly produce from farming exceeds those from hunting, we have successfully laid out the foundation for our very own ecosystem of wealth and happiness!

Let’s go out to hunt and farm now!


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