Nature Holds our Key to Happiness

When was the last time you got stuck in something and felt totally frustrated?

In fact, most of our daily frustrations or arguments are rooting from some very minor issues, but if we don’t handle it right away, it can balloon into a downward spiral or black hole that sucks up all our positive energy and blinds us from seeing the pathway to happiness.

So, instead of being unhappy and radiating the negative energy to the people around us like spreading germs, take a step back, free ourselves from the scene and get some fresh air outside.

If possible, take a walk in the park, hiking trail or beachfront.

Listen to the romantic twittering of the birds.

Watch the breeze gently kissing the tide.

Enjoy the cheering from the greens on the sidewalks.

When we immerse ourselves into the nature, our thought becomes ultra crystal clear. The depth and quality of our thoughts also level up into a higher gear.

Technically, we are taking in a heavy dosage of fresh air that has high oxygen density, which in turn increases our brain activity.

But you know what?

There is a lot more to it. By aligning ourselves with mother nature, we are tuning ourselves for our very own channel in nature. Once we are in perfect harmony with our universe, we are able to tap into the higher intelligence we would not have experienced otherwise.

At this very moment, the “huge” frustration we experienced a while ago all of a sudden becomes insignificant if not minimal.

With the new found intelligence our world opened up for us, we regain total consciousness. We become fully aware of the time and space around us and our role relatives to our universe.

With this heightened level of awareness in mind, we will find solutions to our problem cashing in from many different directions. Bravo!

Next time when you found yourself got tied up in an argument or stuck at work, instead of locking yourself in the office (or at home, or at school) and banging the wall for answers, take a long walk and ask nature for help! The feeling is both refreshing and relieving!


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