Middle Class Is For Suckers

As members of the leading developed country, we take pride in our government-subsidized social programs to take care of the disabled and the weak. However, a growing number of totally capable but lazy people are exploiting the social benefits by degrading themselves into the low income bucket (Let’s call this group the LAZY).

In fact, after adding up all the applicable subsidies from the government, the LAZY who never bother working possibly have a higher quality of life than many of the so-called middle class. (Go to craigslist and check out the people who sell food stamps in bulk to taste the tip of the iceberg).

Free lunch? Not really.

In the election time, the votes from the LAZY matter. That’s why politician will continuously come up with social programs to buy the votes from the LAZY.

For the rich who have substantial assets to generate recurring positive cash flow, even if they choose not to get a paid job, they can still live on a comfortable lifestyle. With enough wealth, they can even be admitted to the “club” where they can buy social influence via lobbyist and thus can align politicians to create laws and policies in their favor. Long story short, the rich keeps getting richer.

If you are neither the rich nor the LAZY, welcome to the middle class!

The media will make you believe that you are living the American Dream. You may even feel good for not being part of the low income population.

You may have a car, a house (with mortgage attached to it), and may have a spouse and probably one or more kids.

You believe in yourself and be proud of contributing your part as a good citizen. Unfortunately, you are not quite making it into the rich club yet.

Well, the brutal truth is, you are the group who bears most of the country’s debts, sacrificing all your time in the rat race and paying hefty tax to the government which probably ends up in the pocket of the rich and the LAZY.

Now imagine if you lose your job, the quality of life can be adversely affected due to the credit cards, car loan and mortgages you signed up for earlier.

And because you have assets under your name, you are not likely to be qualified for many of the government programs that are designed for the LAZY unless you file for bankruptcy. The natural social dynamic is probably driving you to the path of being LAZY.

Middle class is for suckers and it should only be a temporary platform for you to amass your knowledge and wealth.

The joy and happiness are ahead of those who are prepared. So, wise up and figure out a plan to reach financial independence ASAP!


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