From Sexual Attraction To Sales Lead Generation

I had a chat with an entrepreneur yesterday about some challenges he is facing with his business. I would like to share some of my feedbacks and advice here as some of us may found them useful as we navigate our way to building a successful business or career. As usual, all the personal and confidential info has been taken out or modified accordingly for privacy reason.

Mr. X invested the last 5 years of his life into a company that sells enterprise software as a service. Though the company has developed a service in one of the fastest growing market segments and is profitable, it is by no means growing in par with the market. It appears that his business is getting into a point of equilibrium.

As I mentioned a number of times in posts like “Beware of Job Security” or “Cash is King?”, being stale or reaching equilibrium is not a good thing. Even if one’s goal is to run a stable business and be happy about it, under the climate of global inflation, we should always seek to outgrow ourselves (and our business) and build up enough reserve for the rainy days.

In today’s information age, a business that looks stable can easily be extinct in six months to a year. So staying hungry and being paranoid should always be part of our survival instinct.

Okay, back to the case of Mr.X. After sharing with me of his company’s past, present and future, we narrowed the issue down to the sales lead generation.

As outlandish as it sounds, I shared with him a stupid joke that I happened to run into many years ago. As far as I can recall, it goes something like this:

There are generally 4 tiers of how men attract the opposite sex:

Tier 1: The man goes out and pursuits a woman in a social setting, after locking down the target, he follows through the pick-up technique in an attempt to get the lady’s attention.

Tier 2: In addition to doing what tier 1 does, the man fully leverages the online dating sites to advertise himself to a mass audience to maximize exposure.

Tier 3: Instead of explicitly looking for a potential date, the man posts a lot of interesting materials about himself onto his social network fan page to solicit interest from potential mates within his n-th degree of separation.

Tier 4: Instead of coming up with ways to attract the opposite sex, the man focuses on building a successful business and career. Throughout the years, he established a solid reputation for himself in his domain of expertise and played a very active role in charity and volunteer work. Ladies from all around the world love to meet him in person and be friend with him.

Though simple and stupid, this joke illustrates the evolution of sales lead generation.

To seek breakthrough in generating interests for our product/service, we need to progressively move up the lead gen ladder. By the time we get evolved to tier 4, we’ve built ourselves a superior DNA for our business to grow in the generations to come.


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