The Making of The Sexiest Business

Last night, I had sushi with a friend who works as a costume designer for short film and TV production. Our conversation quickly drilled into one of the indie projects she is working on. Without spilling too much of the screenplay, I will briefly share the storyline here.

It is about a female pathologist in her late 30s learning how to attract the opposite sex, a swan transformation from a nerd to a very sexy woman. The costume part plays a critical role to augment the visual and behavioral transition of the main character throughout the movie.

Right after we ordered our Chilashi, my friend pulled out her iPhone and started showing me a few of the medium to medium long shots. Frankly speaking, after seeing the main actress’ body shots in business casual, no offense, I am not particularly excited and the word “sexy” doesn’t really spell out.

So, I asked my friend to show me what costume she designed to create the wow effect. She shared with me a series of camera shots to illustrate the creative process of coming up with the most sexy outfit tailored for the actress’ body shape, and guess what, seeing is believing!

The first sets are full size covered dresses, though successfully bring out the lady’s grace and poise, they are a bit too dry and leaving not much room for imagination.

The next set of costumes are quite the extreme. They feature little clothing and overexposure of the body curve. In fact, there is barely any difference from wearing a glorified bikini. Though this set of costumes is trying to scream out a high volume of aesthetic pleasure, given the actress’ average body figure, the costumes lack the drive to draw the complete sexual awesomeness out of the actress. Lesson learned, bikini and sexiness can be two different things after all.

After seeing a few more revisions, I finally got to see the real deal. It is a one-piece, form-fitting, floor length dress that is sleeveless and has a high slit on the right side (a modern version of a QiPao).

Gorgeous! It subtly disperses the elegance, class and etiquette via its one-piece floor length design. Meanwhile, it tastefully and gently lights up the hidden sex appeal kept deep inside the actress’ full body figure (via the form-fitting, sleeveless and high slit cutting).

At that moment, I came to an instant enlightenment that even an average body figure can indeed be outrageously sexy!

In fact, by generalizing this concept and extending the context further, it can be applied to many aspects of our business.

For example, when we market our product or service, if we are too conservative, we may not get the desired market response.

On the other hand, if we are overly aggressive, it may bring down the overall market value or perception of our brand.

As we gradually accumulate experience through trial and error in the marketplace, we begin to truly get to know our product’s body figure. Only with this highly specific knowledge in mind, we can tailor-made the sexiest outfit for our product/service.


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