The Amazing Trait About You - Part I

I found myself at the high school homecoming event last October. It was truly a flashback experience to see all the familiar faces, the once-popular prom queen is now a mother of three, but still sizzling hot except with a few wrinkles under the eyes.

Anyhow, it was a great time to exchange contact info and catch up on how each other has been doing. Within the pool of alumni, I found a good mix of small business owners, medical and legal professionals, accountants, insurance/real estate brokers, stay-home moms/dads, and even a few executives from big enterprises.

As diverse as the job distribution in this small sample, I found an interesting correlation between my classmates’ career paths and their personality / intellectual capacity dating back in the high school years.

I am not playing 20/20 hindsights here, nor am I saying I have the fortune teller’s vision to foresee someone’s future, but there are certainly some very tangible patterns about our traits that have usually been overlooked.

By knowing more about our traits, we can effectively position ourselves to find the shortest path to financial independence and happiness.

Basically, there are three general traits that determine if someone is best fit for certain career path. Let’s label them as Professional, All-Rounder, and Mediocre.

By no means they are mutually exclusive, but there should be one trait that is dominant within everyone of us. Let’s explore each one of them in detail:

Have you run into people who are so darn smart or endowed with some inborn ability that they easily aced in anything they do?

They are the group who are gifted with special talent to figure out hard subjects and stand out naturally in the crowd via our educational system. Because of this, they usually are recruited by top colleges and institutions, and subsequently become doctors, attorneys, top athletes, or research scientists.

As professionals, they are typically highly compensated by taking advantage of the information or skill imbalance acquired via their highly specialized training.

This group may not be as smart as the professional in terms of IQ, but their EQ are high enough to make up all the differences in regard to money making power.

They are usually very articulated, smooth in all social aspects and are thus well suited to be entrepreneurs, politicians, power brokers in investment banks, consulting firms or private equity firms. They excel in identifying all parties’ interests and putting together a deal to make everybody come out as a winner.

For those who are neither professionals nor all-rounders, they usually fall into the bucket of mediocre. No matter how hard working they strive to be, on the scale of IQ and EQ, they are still a good distance behind the professionals or the all-rounders.

I am not trying to discourage any mediocre out there, but do want to honestly portrait the harsh reality of survival for the fitness. The great news is, being mediocre is not the end of the world. With hard work, discipline, the right mindset and strategy, the mediocre can also surface up to the top and fully enjoy what beautiful life has to offer.

In fact, I am a shining example of just that. For those who want to learn more about how a mediocre (like me) rises up to be financial independent and lives happily ever after, please check out part II in this special two-chapter episode.


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